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All Images Contained On This Site Are Donated From Private Sources * Or Images Believed To Be In The Public Domain. Some Images Have Use Restrictions (*) By order of the copyright holder.
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I Do Ask That If You Are Using These Photos For Your Own Webb Page, Show Some Respect And Credit Those Who Have Contributed Photos To This Archive(*). Their Names Are Listed Next To The Photo Link. Copyrighted images will appear as © Name

All Other Photos, Should Be Credited To NavSource (the location they were obtained from) And A Link Back to This Site Is Requested.

We try hard to list credit information and list copyright information if available, NavSource can not possibly trace each and every image contributed to this project. If someone has contributed an image to which you own the copyright or appeared on your site, drop me a note and I will see that you get the proper credit.

Note, If you took the photo then you own the copyright. If you scanned the image and used that image on a site you present and that image has been contributed here, you do not hold the copyright that right belongs to whoever actually took the photo. Proper credit upon verification (examination of the image here against the one on your site) credit will be given to your site. Most images fall into the category of Official USN.

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(* )All Images Credited To USSCarpenter.com Are Copyrighted And May Not Be Reproduced For Re-Sale. USSCarpenter.com Has The Exclusive Rights To Reproduce These Images From The Copyright Holder. These Images Can be Displayed On Ships Web Pages For Non-Profit Display Purposes Only, With Written Permission From NavSource And Photo Credit Given To The Images Owner USSCarpenter.com. Personal Use Of These Images Is O k'ed By The Copyright Holder, Computer Wallpaper, Prints For Personal Use. Ect.

Additional Use restricted images will be listed on this page as they are received.

I Have Tried To Credit Every One Who Contributed To Help Build This Photo Archive. Some Names Were Lost When I Swapped To My New Computer, If I Missed Your Name Accept My Apology And Also My Thanks For Every Ones Help.

Special Thanks To Lou Smith, Bob Stewart,  And Ice For Their Numerous Contributions And Filling In Many Holes In The Archive, You All Amaze Me. Extra Special Thanks to John Presley BM 2 ,  Who Has Allowed Carpenter.com To Display His Images Taken Over The Course Of His Navy Career.

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