Donald Marshall Carpenter.
Dear Folks,Mystery Solved!

Today I had the privledge to talk to Dan Moreno Carpenter he son of Donald Marshall Carpenter.He indicates that his father served on the USS Langley and SS Wright.  These were the first aircraft carriers of the U.S. Navy.Dan indicated that the Carpenter ancestry of his father, Donald M. Carpenter, is as follows:subject:  
Donald M. Carpenter                                                 1894        1940

father: Dan Carpenter                                                1866        1938
Number 8710 in the Carpenter Memorial on page 808.

Luther Carpenter                                                       1833        1912     
Number 8703

Great Grand-Father:    
Nathan Thornton Carpenter                                        1804        0000  
Number 3288

Great Great Grand Father
Nathan Carpenter                                                      1777       1816   
Number 1529

Great Great Great Grand Father:        
Cyril Carpenter                                                         1743        1811        
Number 596

Great Great Great Great Grand Father:       
Josiah Carpenter                                                      1719        1746      
Number 170

Great Great Great Great Great Grand Father:    
Obadiah Carpenter                                                   1677        1749
Number 40

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grand Father:  

William Carpenter                                                     1631         1703  
Number 18  

GreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreat Grand Father:
William Carenter                                                      1605        1659    
Number 16 

This is Captian William Carpenter of Rehoboth, MAMany

Thanks to Dan Moreno Carpenter!  And  John R. Carpenter  La Mesa, CA  9 Oct 2000         

Donald Marshall Carpenter (M) Birth:   6 MAR 1894 -- Hopbottom, Pennsylvania  (Scranton)Death:  4 APR 1940 -- Naval Hospital, San Diego, California Spouse:
Clara Dorr Moreno Parents:

Notes:Appointed to U. S. Naval Academy Class of 1916 from Pennsylvania. Entered as midshipman 12 July 1912, graduated and commissioned Ensign 3 June 1916. Lieutenant (temporary rank) 15 October 1917. LTJG 3 June 1919. LT 1 July 1920  LCDR 1 September 1926. Retired 1 October 1936 for "incapacity from an incident of the service".Spouse & ChildrenClara Dorr Moreno Donald Marshall Carpenter.

Dan Moreno Carpenter          
Spouse: Clara Dorr Moreno  Birth:  2 MAY 1903 Place: Pensacola, Escambia, Florida Christening: Death:  15 MAY 2000 Place: Coronado, California Burial: 25 MAY 2000  11:30 a.m. Christ Episcopal Church, Coronado, California3                  

Notes: Clare, as she preferred to be called, loved the Navy and the exciting social activity that came with being married to a Naval Officer. Her husband, Doc, was one of the pioneer Naval Aviators and many of his peers became very senior officers. One time in 1946 Bill and Marion Saltmarsh stayed with Clare in Coronado, where she and Doc had settled in 1934. One night they returned from a movie and found the house filled with Admirals who were in the kitchen washing dishes. After Doc's death she was a hostess at Consolidated and later got into real estate. She built several houses in Coronado and also sold many for herself and other customers. At this writing in July 1998 she is still living in Coronado in a beautiful condominium and is 95 years old, in poor health but still hanging on! Many of her friends from Pensacola married naval aviators (Pensacola is referred to as the Mother-in-Law of the Navy). These friends's spouses were all senior Admirals. Clare hobnobbed with the Bushes, the Shermans and the like. In her later years Clare catered  many parties and  was a consummate hostess.

Clare died of natural causes very quitetly in her home.Her son, Pat, wrote that the service was wonderful and that over a hundred of her friends spanning the Ages from her contemporaries to ours attended. Pat said that his sister, Susie Saltmarsh, would have been proud of her "Topsy", as she called her. (Her sister, Elizabeth whom we all called Liberta) coined  this nickname and always referred to her as "Top".Clara's cremains were interred with her first husband, 

Donald Marshall Carpenter, at Fort Rosencrans National Cemetery.This cemetery was where her niece, Elizabeth Gabrielle Saltmarsh Wyatt was laid to rest in 1959.Her Father: Scarritt Moreno  Birth: 13 MAR 1862 Death: 23 FEB 1933 Pensacola, Escambia, Florida Burial:  ABT 25 FEB 1933 St. Johns Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida          

Notes: 1 Prominent Pensacolian who was in the Lumber and Timber business.Her mother: Susan Sydney Roberts Birth: 6 APR 1859 Christening: Death:  25 AUG 1911 Pensacola, Escambia, Florida  Burial:  ABT 28 AUG 1911
"Peace" (home), Westmoreland Cty, Virginia           

Notes: 1   She was the daughter of one of the partners of the once prominent E. E. Simpson & Co. of Bagdad. 2 Twin

UPDATE:From California Death Index: 

Post-ems                          CARPENTER, DONALD MARSHALL      

DOB: 03/06/1894               DOD: 04/04/1940
Mother's maiden name:      MCVICAR
Father's last name:            CARPENTER
State of birth:                    PENNSYLVANIA
Location of death:              SAN DIEGO(37)
SSN:553-10-2643              Age at death: 46     

Note: interred in Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA
We still need his ancestry and family!  See below!


Re:            Carpenters in Hopbottom      

Date:         Mon, 09 Oct 2000 10:45:45 -0800     



References:John,The Susquehanna Co. PA

Carpenters are all, so far, descended from theNew England family you are researching, so I may be able to add to thatbranch of your CD database as we go along here.Do you have a

Harry C. Carpenter, born ca. 1876, wife Lillian anddaughter Beulah M., in Susquehanna Co. PA
Around the 1905-1915 Timeframe, who later removed to Endicott, Broome Co., NY?  Mary Haflerhas helped me in the search for Donald Marshall Carpenter's parents, and I am trying to return the favor.  If you can help her with data from your database, I would be most grateful.  Her e-mail address is<> if you wish to reply to her also.Thank you! wrote:> > My search found my husband's mother and grandparents to confirm what little> information we know.  Harry C. Carpenter, wife Lillian and daughter Beulah M.> who later removed to Endicott, Broome, NY and are buried there.  I did not> find your Douglas Marshall Carpenter named in the listing and he would have> been about 16 at that time.> > If you have any other first names and do not find the website, let me know as> I did take notes.  My son and I hope to visit that area sometime to check on> records.  I think Montrose is the county seat.  Hopbottom really is just a> hamlet these days.  Thanks for offer of sharing but am not ready unless you> have a Harry C., probably born around 1876 and running hotel 1905-1915 time> period.> > Good luck in your search,> > Mary in Saratoga

Subject:                    Donald. M. Carpenter
Date: Sun,                 08 Oct 2000 19:56:07 -0800

John @ I'm a step closer to identifying Donald M. Carpenter.  He was born 1894in Susquehanna Co. PA.  I have not been able to get to the 1900 census,but in the 1910 census I find in Alleghany Co. PA:Dan E. Carpenter  43 PENN Wife Stella M. 37, PENN Son Donald M. 16, PENN Son Geral F. 09, PENN Daughter Dorris L. 08, N JThe name and age are right, and Donald M. named a son Dan.  Alleghany isa long way west, but, it is not out of the question for them to bethere, especially after looping back through NJ where daughter Doris wasborn in 1902.  Do you have a Dan Carpenter, born c1867 in PA, who married Stella M.(?Marshall?) in your database?  I'm compiling the information on Donald, wife, and sons, and workingother ways to connect him to his origins, and plan to have something to share this week.Thanks again! Terry

Dear Folks, @

We have a (another) small mystery.  And maybe you can help? In 1945 a ship was made called the USS Carpenter.  It was named after apioneering Naval pilot Lieutenant Commander Donald Marshall Carpenter. He was supposedly a prominent figure in the early days of naval aviation.However, we can not find mention of him.Does anyone know who he was?  His ancestry?The messages below have links and some search efforts made so far.  Can anyone please help?

Sincerely, John R. CarpenterLa Mesa, CA

Dear Terry

Lee, No match in any of the data bases I have.I did a search online andfound some more Stuff. 
"1995 To 2000  Carpenter Site One Of The First Ones, With 35,000,000.00 Hits Owner John Presley"
"1998 To 2000 Carpenter Site Owner John Presley"

Consolidated Steel Corporation, Orange, TX Keel date:


                      July 30, 1945                  Launched:                      Newport News, Virginia

                     Dec. 28, 1945                  Completed:                     Newport News, Virginia
                     Dec. 18, 1947                  Stricken:                        Reclass as DDE

                     Dec. 15, 1949                  Reclass UpGrade            Newport News, Virginia 

                     Feb. 20,   1950                Commissioned:               Newport News, Virginia 

Dec. 20, 1981Fate: Turkish Navy - "Anitepe"To Turkey February 20 1981, renamed Anittepe.Stricken November 1997.Fate To be broken up for scrap

 page has Pictures.

near the bottom is an interesting history of the ship. think - guess - Donald Marshall Carpenter may have been in World War I or in just after. I did not have a chance to search this on line book.


Well maybe not  at... States Naval Aviation 1910-1995 Table of Contents(the following files are in .pdf, see note at bottom of this page)

Welcome Section for United States Naval Aviation 1910-1995 (38 kb file) Title page, Contents, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgements and Glossary (95 kb file) Part 1 A Few Pioneers 1898-1916 (634 kb file) Part 2 Test of Strength 1917-1919 (618 kb file) Part 3 The Twenties 1920-1929 (844 kb file) Part 4 The Thirties 1930-1939 (661 kb file) Part 5 World War II 1940-1945 (1.3 mb file) I searched these parts for "Carpenter" and no mention was found!He must have been a minor player!?Any thoughts?  Should we go to the Forums? John R. CarpenterLa Mesa, CA wrote:  John --- We should adopt this ship as a special interest of Carpenter family historians. Do you have Donald Marshall Carpenter in your database?  This link <  has pictures, more history, and a lot of e-mail traffic about the ship's career. John Presley Old Web Site On The Carpenter 1998 to 2000.

  --- Terry  USS Carpenter (DD-825) --- 

The Ship and Her History  The destroyer USS Carpenter (DD-825) is named for Lieutenant Commander Donald Marshall Carpenter, a prominent figure in the early days of naval aviation. CARPENTER was launched at the Orange, Texas shipyard on 28 December 1945 and commissioned after extended construction at the Newport News, Virginia shipbuilding yards on December 15, 1949.  In March 1950, she was assigned to the Pacific Fleet as a unit of the Navy hunter-killer anti-submarine warfare force and home ported in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Local operations were conducted until February 1952, when she was called to duty in the Korean War. As a unit of Fast Carrier task force 77, she won two campaign stars." Battle Stars"

From May of 1964 through June of 1965, CARPENTER underwent an extensive rehabilitation and modernization (FRAM I), conversion at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. She was rebuilt from the main deck up with a new aluminum superstructure, and equipped with the latest anti-submarine warfare armament.  Since 1965, CARPENTER has deployed five times to the Western Pacific for duty off Vietnam. "Three More Battle Stars"  These cruises called on many of her capabilities, including search and rescue, in-flight refueling of helicopters, plane guarding, and anti-submarine warfare screening for aircraft carriers. For her services, she holds five campaign stars. CARPENTER has also established herself as a unit of Joint Task Force 130, the Manned Spacecraft Recovery Force of the Pacific, acting as secondary recovery ship on four Apollo missions.  In August 1972, CARPENTER changed home ports to Treasure Island, San Francisco, California. "With Eight Battle Stars" Upon completion of a major overhaul at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in January 1973, CARPENTER was transferred to the Naval Reserve Force (Pacific), and reported for duty to Commander Destroyer Squadron 37. In addition to a rigid, but rewarding refresher-training period in San Diego, California, CARPENTER has participated in numerous reserve training and public relations cruises taking her up and down the West Coast of the United States and Canada. Her duty included a three month reserve training deployment to the Western Pacific as the flagship for a task group of four ships. During this cruise she participated in two major combined fleet exercises with units from the Navies of Japan and the Republic of China.  In 1974, CARPENTER changed her home port to the Naval Supply Center in Oakland, California.  The ship, namesake of the "CARPENTER" Class comprised of two destroyers, is 390 feet long, 40 feet wide and displaces in excess of 3,000 tons. She is armed with twin 5"/ 38 caliber guns, anti-submarine rockets (ASROC), and six torpedo tubes. Her top speed is slightly more than 30 knots and she carries a permanent crew of 180 officers and men with a supplement of 80 selected reserve personnel.  Her motto, "LUKU MOKOLUU", which appears under the ship's insignia of a Hawaiian Warrior superimposed on the red, white and blue of the Hawaiian and American flags, is Hawaiian for "Killer of Undersea Boats"

                                            Commanding Officers

                                            CDR J.B. Grady        
                                            CDR E.F. Baldridge
                                            CDR R.K. Joslin
                                            CDR M.E. Bustard                                 
                                            CDR I M Laird.                                      
                                            CDR A.P. Hulten
                                            CDR C.W. Cummings                          
                                            LCDR D.W. Jones                                 
                                            LT R.B. Cress                                      
                                            CDR G.W. Wineman                           
                                            CDR W. Beck, JR.
                                           CDR H.N. Kay
                                            CDR R.W. Blaes                                   
                                            CDR C.T. O'Neil                                   
                                            CDR D.D. Sheppard                             
                                            CDR C.W. Jauss     

1950 To 1953
1953 To 1955
1955 To 1957
1957 To 1959
1959 To 1961
1961 To 1962
1962 To 1964
1964 To 1965
1965 To 1966
1966 To 1968
1968 To 1970
1970 To 1971
1971 To 1973
1973 To 1975
1975 To 1977
1977 To 1980

Thank You Terry Lawson

A very good site.  I did notice that the picture identified as
D. M. Carpenter is actually

Capt Dan "Pat" Carpenter, USN (Ret),
the son of  Donald Marshall Carpenter. 

Pat is a friend of mine and a great supporter of the Carpenter crew.  Keep up the good work.

Jimmie D. Kennedy (RD1 54-57)